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Bikers Cafe, Feb 17-18, 2020

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The Journey Continues...

Straddle Up!

Our pursuit of creating the most memorable dining and hangout experience continues with The Bikers Café. The road is long; we ensure it’s filled with good food, unforgettable conversations and great memories.
Yes, we love bikes but our cafe’s doors are always open even if your heart doesn’t sing at the mention of exhaust notes. The cool bikes, however, do add to the ambience together with our award-winning hospitality, making you smile and bringing you a little closer to your pursuit of perfection via the highly addictive Roadster route.

Our Story

Pause. Breathe. Soak in the aromas. Feel the warm vibes, welcoming ambience and that friendly smile from a corner. You know you’ve arrived... at your favourite place in the city!
The Bikers Cafe is fuelled by all the things dear to you – your close peeps, those unending conversations, LIVE music, a curated and updated F&B menu and a rollicking good time.
Even after all these years, it has stayed true to the spirit of brotherhood as a hangout zone for not just riders and their pillions but also friends and frenemies, families, lovebirds and even tiny tots whose parents love our kid-friendly environment. We like it that way. And we’ll keep it that way!
The food we serve is the stuff of legends... tried, tested and recommended by patrons and first-time diners alike. We let our spatulas, skewers and pans do the talking from all-day breakfasts to late-night bites.
Our beverage section is equally as elaborate, starting with hot and cool sips that rejuvenate at the start of day and uplift the spirit as the sun goes down!
Party nights Fun Unlimited!

Friday Nights

Live Music, Electric Mood and Weekend Vibes Life is good here!


The Perfect Grub to extend those Happy Hours! Who’s in for another round?


Challenge Your Buddies, High-Five Your Inner Child The fun is legit; no kidding!


Smoke ‘em Worries Away, Champ Calling out all Drag Lovers!

Zooms Straight Into Your Heart!



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